When I listen to something like "music basics for dummies" (Robert Greenberg does a great job), I understand that. I understand principles. I totally can sing along. But when it gets even slightly difficult, like reading notation or following a music piece by its parts, I don't need "music basics for dummies", what I feel I need is "music for retarded and mentally deficient with brain damage", or something like that. For the life of me I can't read notation. I can't tell if it's C or A#. And it bugs me to no end because I know on authority that I'm not bad at music generally; for a long time my music teacher thought I had a perfect pitch until he devised a difficult test for me which I failed, so I'm not exactly bad at music if I fooled him for a while, I was the best in my group in that regard. Polyphonic choir singing is more beyond me than simultaneous translation, which I think I comprehend though can't do, but singing... singing in harmony I can hear, I know the theory, but for the life of me...

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